UHW Perbanas Lecturer Team Accompanies the Implementation of E-Comprehensive Reporting in Kampung Kue Surabaya

Saturday, 23 July 2022     View: 2293

The extraordinary potential of Kampung Kue Rungkut Surabaya has attracted the attention of the Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University Lecturer Team. Since it was inaugurated by the Mayor of Surabaya as the Culinary Tourism Village of Rungkut Surabaya last February, local business actors have been increasingly enthusiastic about improving their competence to make them more popular.

The Head of the UHW Perbanas Service Lecturer Team, Mochamad Nurhadi, S.Kom., M.M., said that Kampung Kue Surabaya is the place to realize community service. In carrying out the tridharma of higher education, his party won a Community Service Grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemdikbudristek) in 2022. The title carried was entitled "Improving the Capabilities of Cake Village Producers Through E-Comprehensive Reporting in Supporting the Realization of the Rungkut Culinary Tourism Village in Surabaya " Together with Supriyati and Yudha Herlambang, his party is developing an integrated information system in Kue Village and providing assistance in the form of training.

“Last year, we have prepared a website for the Surabaya cake village and training on its management. Currently, we provide support in the form of business equipment equipment so that the production run is larger. In addition, we also assist in preparing the marketing strategy and improving the competence of human resources," said Nurhadi on the sidelines of the training, Saturday (23/7).

He continued, network expansion in order to strengthen production capabilities and human resource capabilities was also built. He gave an example of this cooperation by cooperating with suppliers of raw materials, cooperatives, banks, and the government.

“Later on, this integration system will be realized in the recording of financial transactions of business actors who are members of the village cake association with suppliers of raw materials (such as cooperatives) and all are packaged in E-Comprehensive Reporting. So, from the existing website www.kampungkuesby.com, we add an application to make it easier to record," he added.

Meanwhile, one of the Pawon cake entrepreneurs, Khoirul Mahpuduah, said he was happy because he was still working with UHW Perbanas in popularizing the rungkut cake village in Surabaya. Prior to the training, his party was also invited to evaluate the system that was already running. "When this cake village has developed, this E-Comprehensive Reporting Training can know its progress and everything will be better recorded in the system," said Khoirul after the training. (eko/hms)

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