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Student Guardianship of the 2022 Master of Management Study Program

Tuesday, 23 August 2022     View: 1106

Student Guardianship of the Master of Management Study Program which was held on August 20, 2022 through virtual zoom media. The discussions presented included KRS, academic calendar, and evaluation of study program services. The following is an evaluation of the study program services, which was delivered by Mrs. Evy:
1. MM many students work, there are lecturers who require students to be oncam,
standby, must not be on the road. While many lecturers are waiting for students to
oncam has just started a lecture which makes class hours longer than scheduled.
Meanwhile, students have to prepare for work for the next day.

In addition, it was also conveyed related to student obstacles in carrying out the final project:
1. Revision: 2 weeks there is no reply regarding ACC from the Examining Lecturer, the Thesis is considered to have been approved and can proceed to the next stage.
2. Is it possible for Mr. Fuad to do research other than Thesis for journal publication so that it can be completed on schedule. However, according to Mrs. Irma, qualitative research is a simultaneous process, so if the data is obtained, it can be directly analyzed.

It is hoped that the guardianship carried out can improve student performance in the implementation of lectures in accordance with applicable regulations.


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