The Fare War Between Online Transportation: This Is How Online Transportation Maintain Its Consumers

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The shift in people's choices in choosing transportation for daily mobility has shifted in such a way. Online transportation is a transportation option that is currently widely used by the community. Go-Jek, Uber, and Grab are some of the most popular online transportation in Indonesia because their operational reach is quite wide spread across several major cities in Indonesia. However, the success of the online transportation business model developed by the three companies has spurred the emergence of several start-ups with similar business models. There are several local local companies that are trying to taste the sweetness of the online transportation business, including Bang-Ojek, BoJek, TeknoJek, TopJek, Jeger Taksi, Ojek ARGO and many others.

At the same time, the presence of a growing online transportation business will increase competition in winning the hearts of consumers. Therefore, the most important thing that online transportation companies need to pay attention to is maintaining customer satisfaction. Marketing experts agree that customer satisfaction will lead to loyalty so that customers will consistently repurchase the products or services offered by the company. Then, what should online transportation companies pay attention to and do to maintain customer satisfaction?

One of the variables that has an influence on customer satisfaction is the quality of service attached to the product or service. In the context of online transportation, the communication media between companies represented by drivers and customers is presented in the form of mobile application-based services. At this point, service quality on mobile applications is a critical component in influencing online transportation customer satisfaction. The results of research conducted by Abu Amar Fauzi from STIE Perbanas Surabaya published by the Indonesian Management Journal in April 2018 show that there are four main steps that must be taken by online transportation provider companies in Indonesia to ensure customer satisfaction, namely the quality of application information; application design; payment method; as well as the security and privacy of application users.

The quality of the information presented in the application is a component that must be considered by online transportation service providers. The information presented will provide an overview of the services offered by the company. The better the quality of information on the application, the easier it is for customers to choose the right service for them. Based on the results of research on 149 users of online transportation services, in general the respondents stated that the quality of the information presented in the online transportation application was relatively good. However, there is one critical point that highlighted the respondent, namely regarding the wrong information in the application at the time of ordering it does not match the vehicle at the time of pick-up. This kind of thing is often used by respondents whose circumstances can affect satisfaction with the services provided by online transportation companies by providing accurate information in the application. Consequently, to increase customer satisfaction, ensuring that the information presented in the application is something important for the company.

Beautiful visualization in an application will affect customer perceptions of the quality of an application. The combination of visualization in the form of colors, frames, images, fonts, and page views is a major component in the design of an application. Therefore, the development of attractive designs can influence planning and make customers feel satisfied with an online transportation application. The results showed that layout, creativity, navigation, navigation, opening applications, color combinations, loading time (application waiting time), and speed of placing orders or transactions have an influence on customer satisfaction of online users of transportation in Indonesia. However, it should be remembered, respondents think that the combination of several online transportation applications is good enough. In fact, creativity is limiting when it is lacking. In this case, online transportation companies must continue to improve the quality of application design by increasing the value of creativity in their applications so that in the future they can encourage increased customer satisfaction.

These results indicate that the payment methods offered by online transportation services have a significant influence on customer satisfaction research. Bridged transportation services via mobile applications have transformed how customers pay for services received. Unlike conventional transportation services, online transportation offers several ways to make payments by cash, namely via electronic money or virtual money and credit cards. This payment model choice provides convenience in transactions which also increases the speed in providing excellent service to customers. Therefore, online transportation companies are expected to continue to innovate regarding service payment methods. Online transportation companies must continue to develop following technological developments so that they can increase the choice of payment methods for their customers.

Security and privacy in online transportation is an important issue to pay attention to. This is a safety and safety hazard for consumers during online transportation services. Although based on the results of this study indicate that in general online transportation assessment services provide security and are able to become customers, online transportation companies must continuously improve the security of the process. If this is ignored by online transportation service providers, it will quickly serve customer satisfaction. These four components, the quality of application information, application design, payment methods, and security and privacy are things that companies engaged in online transportation need to pay attention to. Technological developments that are developing rapidly exceed the changes that can be made by the company, so the suitability and response to changes in the business environment must be continuously improved. In the context of online transportation, improving the quality of electronic services by increasing the four components will be able to provide certainty for increasing consumer satisfaction in the context of increasingly tight competition in business.

Author Abu Amar Fauzi, S.S., M.M.

Lecturer at the Bachelor of Management Study Program at STIE Perbanas Surabaya

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