Covid-19: Increase Student Style Sales

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Starting from the increasing number of student questions about concerns related to sales in entrepreneurship. In fact, it is no longer going to decline, but in fact it is already decreasing. In fact, the sales turnover has decreased greatly.

Here's the question “…. How can we increase this sales? while people out there have been trying to reduce their expenses because they no longer have any income. Impact, have been sent home and even closed businesses because no more customers touch their goods? In fact, the current tendency of society is to be more careful in spending their money in order to be economical and sufficient for future life…. ”

Currently, it is starting to feel that the knowledge taught so far about sales strategies needs to be applied. They must believe that they can solve the problems that were spreading during the Covid 19 pandemic. Sales strategies have also been learned both from books and various stories from their father, who is a classic businessman. There are two skills in selling, namely Rainbow Kick and Sniper Kick.

In the past, the Rainbow stance was known to people as a natural way that people would definitely sell their products. This type of sales can bombard everyone as long as people know about the product. This is irrespective of whether it is related to his needs or not. It also does not look at product characteristics and even consumer characteristics.

The Sniper skill was introduced as a modern skill because this skill to carry out a strategy requires a deeper understanding of the product to be sold. Including an understanding of the market to be targeted. The point is we have to understand the characteristics of consumers. Thus, we can launch products to the right target market.

For example, if we sell a variety of the latest Muslim women's clothing, the target market is a fashionable Muslim woman, not just a Muslim woman. That way, this selling strategy is felt more appropriate for students who, in fact, are beginner businessmen who are prone to 'hopelessness'. If consumers reject them, let alone repeated rejection, they may hurt more than being rejected by their ex-boyfriends.

The Covid 19 pandemic brings different conditions for students. The good times of meeting friends, relatives and the general public are hindered by the social distancing that must be done. That is why, there are physical limitations that are felt to interfere with business activities. Students can no longer see the characteristics of their consumers well. For example, to run a business the Sniper way will be hampered by time.

Meanwhile, sales must continue to increase in the not too distant future. A businessman, especially still a student, must be tough in facing both micro and macro conditions. This is because they are still young and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm that is strong enough to continue to develop their business wings.

What can be done in the current state? The two strategies above can be done, starting with the Rainbow strategy, namely strafing the market with our product information using social media, which is the main media today to determine the target market for our products.

Communicating the products we market by asking for reviews or consumer responses will be more able to build our target market. After determining the target market from consumer reviews, the Sniper strategy can be implemented by building consumers into customers and even loyal customers.

The surefire tips for carrying out the strategy above are: 1). Strengthen Community, we are sure that students must have many communities, even all of them must have made WAG our market. 2) Create the right promotion, this is to attract attention so that our products are attractive to be seen compared to other products. Promoting sales strategies, for example in language that is more economical, more efficient, effective or if possible with gifts or discounts, of course with careful financial management calculations and spread through media that is easily accessible on smartphones. Currently, this media is widely used by the public.

3) Create creative sales methods, challenge students' creativity to be more creative than competitors, for example: use bombastic language but remain polite, make videos that are attractive and easy to understand, do not inform products explicitly but through video stories or prologues tailored to the atmosphere Nowadays, even funny videos will also be sought by today's consumers to increase immunity.

And lastly 4). Don't panic, let alone stop selling. Because stopping selling means that you will be sad, disappointed and even hopeless, it will lower our immunity. So .. keep doing activities with all the belief that this period will pass and again we imagine and predict even carefully calculated if later our efforts progress and succeed. Stop, be silent and sad for nothing and remember that the history of life is progressive and varied, that diversity is the side of our challenge to create the experience that "we have surpassed that challenge ..." and believe it will strengthen our enthusiasm and our efforts to keep going. .. stay enthusiastic and creative. (*)



Dra. Ec. Aniek Maschudah Ilfitriah, M.Si
Lecture Kewirausahaan dan Ekonomi Makro STIE Perbanas Surabaya


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Sunday, May 10, 2020


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